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Title: Speeding points for motorcycle rider

Date: 11 April 2013


Just over 3 years ago I was caught speeding at 39 in a 30 zone. I got a fine and 3 points. When the third anniversary arrived I sent my licence off to the DVLA to get a clean licence but they have returned my licence telling me the points will stay on my licence for 4 years. My family and friends say they are wrong – am I right to complain or is the DVLA correct? 

Rhys Rodgers, Neath


This is a confusing area. The penalty points only last for 3 years in terms of the law and totting up procedure. However, the DVLA will not wipe clean your licence until a further year has expired. So they are correct in refusing to give you a visually clean licence until the 4 year anniversary point. Importantly insofar as the law is concerned you currently have no points so at least you have this comfort. You need to ask the DVLA to return your payment as well. Whilst writing on the issue of speeding points I remind readers to always remember to let your insurer know if you are given penalty points to avoid future arguments of non-disclosure and risking them not paying out!

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