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Title: Parking ticket in car park

Date: 18 March 2013

Do I have to pay this parking fine?


 Yesterday was the first time I received a parking ticket on my bike. I accept I was parked

Illegally but Lincolnshire Council told me that a bike whether on the path or car park with no ticket will get a fine.  Where on earth do I stick it where it will not be removed by say kids or someone else who could simply steal it? Is there a law that says that the council have to provide an old fashioned parking attendant if they do not then we as bikers should be exempt - please could you advise me on laws or complaints I can make to Lincoln City Council.



Councils usually have numerous signs stating that vehicles parking must be parked within a correctly marked space or bay and must not be parked on, over, out of the lines forming a marked bay or in a bay marked for a specific vehicle type i.e. ambulance, police, coach etc. Parking out of marked bays can cause obstruction, inconvenience and safety hazards to other road users. By parking the vehicle out of a marked bay the driver contractually agrees to pay a parking fine (usually reduced for early settlement if paid with 14 days from the day of issue).

You admit you were parked illegally and as such an appeal would appear to be fruitless. In future and when legally parked you could take a photo of the ticket displayed on your bike to allay your fears of someone tampering with it – at least you would then have grounds for appeal.

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