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Title: My Solicitor undervalued my personal injury claim

Date: 05 October 2011


I had an accident a year ago on my Fireblade (rear ended at a roundabout) and last month went for an appointment with a doctor arranged by the lawyers who took on my case. The lawyers advised me to settle the claim about 7 months ago for £2,200 which I did. As I say its now a year on and my back pain is getting worse not better. The doctor I originally saw said he expected a full recovery in 2 years. Can I get more compensation or if not complain to the lawyers?

Brian Vollins, Norwich


With the advent of fixed fees for low value road traffic accident claims 18 months ago there is a clear risk that the more unscrupulous law firms will be putting pressure on their clients to settle early resulting in earlier payment of their legal fees. The problem with settling too early is that a reliable prognosis may not be available and this can lead to an under-settlement with the injured party not getting the compensation he/she deserves. Also once a case is settled it cannot (other than in rare situations) be re-opened. This leaves the disgruntled client with the option of suing their solicitors in a professional negligence claim for the money the client missed out on. I suggest you seek legal advice as in my view your case was settled to early and for too little money and I would be confident in the court agreeing.

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