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Title: My fiance is a changed man after accident

Date: 20 July 2012

Problems following head injury


My fiancé had an accident in 2010. He was side swiped by a truck and his head ended up striking the windscreen of an oncoming car. The bones which were broken have healed but he is a different man to the one I knew before the accident. He was previously very laid back but now loses his temper at the drop of a hat and I know he has fallen out with work colleagues over his mood issues. I am worried he will lose his job and in this economic climate think he will find it difficult to get another one. He is a warehouse manager. He has solicitors acting for him who just sent him a document to sign but in the future loss of earnings section there is just a “TBC”. Should we be telling them anything they need to do?


The document to which you refer sounds like a Schedule of Loss which details all financial losses, past and future, attributable to the accident. The reason to be confirmed “tbc” is in it is probably because the solicitors are undertaking investigations in to the future loss of earnings claim.

It sounds as though the effects of your fiance’s head injury are impacting on his ability to perform his job properly, at least from a basis of getting on with his fellow employees. Also, as a warehouse manager, his organizational skills may be impacted.

Anger issues following head injury are not uncommon and I would suggest the solicitors instruct both a neurologist and neuropsychologist to deal with the extent of damage, cognitive impairment, prognosis, effect on work and treatment available. With the benefit of those reports and any treatment undertaken a figure should then be able to be inserted into the schedule of loss.

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