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Title: Insurance Premium Increase for Non-Fault Accident

Date: 28 December 2011

Premium increase for a no fault accident


I insured my bike with MCE fully comp. On the 2nd of October some women came out of a give way sign and hit me in the side the bike was not too badly damaged and I ended up with a bruised foot
The lady admitted liability and her insurers fixed my bike no problem As required I informed my insurers when it happened but I did not make a claim now I find that when I am trying to insure my car who ever I try are loading the premium because of the accident that was not my fault .Am I now going to be held to ransom for some-one Else's mistake is this normal as I have not had an accident in the last 40 years and my licence is clean Could you please offer me your advice on this issue.

Regards Mr F.A. Skitt – by e-mail to Bikelawyer


Unfortunately it is possible that you will see an increase in your premiums as a result of a non-fault accident. The final amount that you pay for your insurance is determined first of all by the risk that you present as a rider, and then a percentage reduction is made to the premium calculated depending on any no-claims bonus that you may have built up in preceding years.

If the accident was non-fault then your no-claims bonus should remain intact. If however, even 1% of the blame attaches to you then this will be considered a fault accident resulting in your no-claims bonus being lost unless it’s protected. In your case this should not be an issue.

The problem which is often encountered in non-fault claims however is in how the different insurance companies calculate the initial risk based premium. As odd as it may seem, it is a statistical fact that people who have had one accident are more likely to have a second, even if they were in no way to blame for the first. As a result of this, having had this accident your insurer is statistically more likely to have to pay out on your policy in the future hence the loading of your premiums.

You should note however that all insurers use different risk assessment models and as a point of policy some insurers will not penalise a non-fault accident victim. The best advice, as ever when looking around for bike insurance, is to compare quotes from as many insurers as you can to make sure that you are getting the best deal which should help you mitigate any increase as a result of this accident.

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