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Title: I need new home after crash

Date: 27 April 2011


I came off my bike nearly three years ago and suffered a serious spinal injury which left me in hospital for months and has rendered me wheelchair reliant. The accommodation that I live in is no longer suitable. I am unable to get access to upstairs due to the stairs but I cannot afford to move. I have mentioned this to my solicitors but they have offered me no help.
Liability has been admitted by the other side but they are unwilling to pay any further money at this time. I desperately need money to find alternative accommodation. Is there anything else that my solicitors can do to move things forward? Surely there is a way of forcing the other side to pay more?
Greg Hobert, Manchester, by e-mail
Assuming proceedings have been issued at court (they should be within 3 years of the accident date) your solicitor could make an application to the court for a substantial interim payment. If granted the Defendant would have no choice but to pay.
If proceedings have not been issued to date (they should have been!) your solicitor should discuss with the other side the reasons for the refusal to make a substantial payment. You have not provided me with details of the interim payments of damages that you have received to date but given the severity of your injuries you will be receiving a very large settlement.
If proceedings have not been issued and your Solicitor is unable to get to the bottom of why the other side refuse to pay he/she should ensure that insurance is in place to protect you from the risk of the Defendant’s costs and commence court proceedings. In addition to receiving further payments your solicitor could also instruct a case manager.
A case manager will assist you with finding a suitable property. If a suitable property does not exist in your area they will arrange for an architect to adapt a property to ensure that it is suitable or alternatively the costs of designing and building a suitable property can be claimed.

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