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Title: How soon will I get a decision on my claim?

Date: 18 May 2012


I have a claim being dealt with by solicitors following a bike accident in February. I have whiplash type symptoms and am still having physiotherapy. The Punto driver suddenly pulled out into my path leaving me nowhere to go so I ditched the bike and avoided much more serious injuries I think. My claim was put to the other side on a portal I think they said – that was in early March. Since then my solicitors have not heard anything and I want to speed them up – what do you think – am I being inpatient?

Peter Nene


In standard cases where the anticipated value of the claim is likely to be less than £10,000 cases are submitted by way of an electronic portal so this is what your solicitors would have mentioned. The claims must be submitted only once a valid retainer has been entered into between solicitor and client otherwise it is a serious breach of the professional rules. Then the opponent has 15 clear working days to provide a response, again via the portal.

Your solicitor needs to go onto the portal system and see if liability for your accident has been admitted by your opponent. If not (or if contributory negligence is raised) then the claim drops out of the portal and is dealt with the good old fashioned way! If your solicitor is confident on liability and has insurance in place he/she is free to commence legal proceedings. If liability is admitted then the claim enters what is known as stage 2 of the process, remaining in the electronic system.

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