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Title: How much compensation for my motorcycle accident injuries?

Date: 09 November 2011


How much compensation?

Hi guys, after eventually getting my bike on the road I got knocked off about 2 months ago, a "lady driver" flew out of a side street straight into my left hand side, bending my bike, snapping my leg and shooting me about 20 foot across the road.

I had a compound fracture of tibia and fibula with 2inches of tibia bone lost.

I have had 3 lots of surgery so far including an external fixator to hold the bones where they should go while they sort the flesh out. I have also had 2 lots of skin and muscle grafts including 30 staples and 40 stitches.

I have 3 more lots of surgery to go including an adjustable fixator (will break my leg higher up and try move the bone down internally 2 inches).When the bone is the right length I'll be having a bone graft - taking shavings form my pelvis and grafting to the original break to add strength.
Then final surgery will be removal on all 30 pins off the fixator (after its been on for 6 months).

Its a straight cut case pretty much as the woman has admitted full liability. I’ve got a cheque coming for my bike next week hopefully.

I just want to know how much I'm likely to get for all my injuries. Its going to be next May/June before I'm back up on my feet.

Has anyone got an idea how they price up claims?

Drew, MCN Insurance forum


The amount of money you will receive for your injuries will depend on your prognosis, which will be determined by having you examined by an independent (to the treating surgeon) orthopaedic surgeon who will then write a report on your injuries and prognosis.

I suspect if you obtained a medical report at this stage it will be a preliminary one and you will need to be examined again, say 12 months down the line and possibly again, depending on the degree of recovery. My experience of these injuries is that recovery may not ever be complete and to get to the stage of having a reasonably certain prognosis can take years.

My gut feeling is that the bottom line (if you make a good recovery) would be about £20,000 for the injuries but to properly value the claim I would need to see medical evidence. If the prognosis is poor then this would go up considerably. Awards for injuries are actually quite low in this country. The real money in more serious claims often relates to financial losses such as past and future loss of earnings, care and private surgery. If amputation is a risk due, for example to non-union of the bone, then the award will be yet higher and costs of prosthetics, often running into hundreds of thousands of pounds, can be claimed.

There is obviously a lot more to valuing a claim but I hope this gives you a rough guide.

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