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Title: How do I value my claim for my epilepsy?

Date: 07 June 2012

How do I value my epilepsy?

I had a pretty bad accident nearly three years ago in which, as well as the broken bones and lacerations, I had a head injury which has resulted in epilepsy. I understand there are varying degrees of epilepsy so how do I know how to value this? I have asked my solicitor but have not had a response.

David Clarke, by email


You will know this but for the benefit of other readers epilepsy is a tendency to have recurrent seizures or “fits”. A seizure is caused by a sudden burst of excess electrical activity in the brain, causing a temporary disruption in the normal message passing between brain cells. This disruption results in the brain’s messages becoming stopped or confused.

The severity ranges from what is called “Established Grand Mal” (value from £66,000 to £98,000), to “Established Petit Mal” (value ranging from £36,000 to £86,000), to “Other Epileptic Conditions” (value from £7,000 to £17,250).

The level of the award within the bracket of “Established Petit Mal” will depend on the success of medication in controlling attacks, the impact of such medication on one’s appreciation of life, the effect on work and social life, the existence of behavioural problems and one’s prognosis. Within the least serious category would be where a few attacks have taken place but the risk of resurgence has reduced to that of the general population. Again the impact on life as a result of the attacks will be considered when assessing where in the bracket the injury falls.

I would need to see your medical reports to specifically advise you on the value.

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