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Title: Head injury has changed both of our llives

Date: 19 November 2014


I am worried about my fiancé. He was knocked off his bike by a speeding driver 20 months ago and was pretty badly injured. His bony injuries have got as good as they are going to get but one thing that concerns me is his change of character since the accident. He is moody, down a lot of the time and forgetful but he refuses to do anything about it. He must have hit his head quite hard from the look of the helmet but as far as I know this has not been looked at by his doctors. What do you suggest he does as I would like him seen to.

Alice, Tetbury

You say that your fiance’s helmet was damaged and that he hit his head. He is displaying common characteristics of head injury and I am surprised that he has not had them investigated sooner. A&E doctors are often presented with life threatening injuries and concentrate on dealing with those issues on the patient’s admission. If his helmet was obviously damaged I am surprised a brain scan was not undertaken to determine the impact of the blow.

I suggest you or your solicitors (assuming a claim is being pursued) arrange for him to see a neurologist. He may well also need to see neuropsychologist to measure any ongoing cognitive deficit. The effects of his head injury may impact on his ability to perform his job properly and he should be adequately compensated for this. He can be taught coping strategies, for example diary reliance to overcome memory problems.

Common symptoms of head injury are set out below. In compensation claims symptoms of head injury are often overlooked by lawyers so accident victims should speak to their lawyers if they are experiencing the following: headache, nausea, dizziness, tinnitus, anxiety, emotional upset, irritability, depression, tiredness, problems concentrating and with memory, putting thoughts together or multi-tasking.

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