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Title: Free rehabilitation following bike accident

Date: 21 November 2012


I was riding pillion with my husband on 13 September when he swerved to avoid a car that appeared that it was going to pull out on us from a side street. The car did stop once it spotted us but my husband lost control and the bike went down.  He was largely unhurt but I had a lot of soft tissue trauma and the symptoms continue to impact on my day to day activities. I am back at work which is secretarial but my hobbies and personal life have been affected.

The car driver’s insurer has denied liability and refuse to pay for physiotherapy – how can I force them to do so as I really want to get better? The NHS provider only gives weekly sessions and I need more intense treatment than that.

Jane Evans, by e-mail


There are two issues here. Firstly, who is the correct Defendant and secondly the issue of rehabilitation. Both are easy to resolve and you should speak to you solicitor about this. You can ignore the car driver and pursue your husband’s insurer as you are bound to succeed against him.

Whether or not they wish to involve the car driver in the claim for a contribution is up to them and not your problem. This way you will hopefully receive an early admission of liability, an interim payment and the treatment you need. Regarding the physiotherapy you are going to succeed in your claim against one or both Defendants. As such your opponent/s should agree to fund it. But, in your case they have refused.

Some solicitors firms (such as this firm) offer free (conditions apply) rehabilitation to clients. We utilise one of the UK’s leading rehabilitation providers. Therefore treatment can be provided to you early on with no risk to you financially should the case fail. This ultimately benefits all parties with you getting better sooner and the Defendant /s therefore paying less compensation.

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