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Title: Flashed twice - points ahead?

Date: 02 January 2013


I have been riding for 10 years, driving cars for 20. I have never made a claim and never done anything wrong but now I have a double flash from the front, on the CBR 1000f 1990. I was doing about 38 in a 30 and it was cold, frosty and late at night. I just wanted to get home. I'm worrying. I pride myself on my clean and nearly filled licence, class 1 and PSV. I drive for a living. I don't drink because my licence is so dear to me. What will happen now?

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You are likely to be okay if it was a double flash from the front as the front facing camera could not have identified your registration on the rear. I wonder if a vehicle travelling in the opposite direction set it off rather than you. Even if you were to be caught at 38 mph in a 30mph limit area then the penalties are not enormous.

Depending on the policy of those in control in the relevant area you are likely to be offered either a driving improvement course or 3 points and a £60 fine. Remember also that the NIP must be received within 14 days of the date of the alleged offence. It is also important to remember to notify your insurer of any points incurred for speeding. Whilst they may or may not increase your premium at least they cannot wriggle out of a future claim for non-disclosure reasons

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