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Title: Chevrons and filtering accident

Date: 31 January 2013


While filtering past a line of stationery traffic, a car pulled out to do a U-turn and hit me. A simple case you would think. But the problem is I was in the area to the right of the stationery vehicles and a chevroned area with broken white lanes to my right. The driver who hit me claims I was in the chevroned area but I definitely was not. Even if I was does this make a difference?

Andy Winner


The Highway Code states that areas of white diagonal stripes or chevrons painted on the road are there to separate traffic lanes or to protect traffic turning right. If the area is bordered by a broken white line you should not enter the area unless it is necessary and you can see that it is safe to do so. If the area is marked with chevrons and bordered by solid white lines you must not enter it except in an emergency.

As the third party is claiming you were within a chevroned area liability needs to be considered very carefully with attention paid to witness evidence, possible cctv, relative speeds, indication and so on. If it is found by the court that you were in the chevroned area then contributory negligence will most likely apply. I would need to see all the documents to advise fully on any liability split.

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