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Title: Ambulance hit me

Date: 20 June 2012


I was queuing in heavy rush hour traffic on the Old Kent Road, London when I heard an ambulance coming from behind. I and other motorists did what we could to give the ambulance space but the ambulance clipped me causing my bike to fall over and me to sprain my wrist. The driver may not have been aware he hit me (although I cannot believe he would not have noticed) as he did not stop.

I am having difficulty persuading my solicitors appointed by my insurer to act for me as they say there is nothing I can do if I don’t know the identity of the ambulance driver. Surely this cannot be right?

Ray Symonds, Kent


An ambulance driver is, like other motorists, under a duty to take reasonable care of other road users.

The first port of call is the police report assuming they attended. This should provide details of witnesses and someone may have seen the registration number of the ambulance. Also there may be CCTV footage available (I suggest this is obtained without delay as if often gets overwritten quickly).

Additionally you or a witness may be aware who operated the ambulance. Due to the accident location it is likely it was the London Ambulance Service and they will have records of attendances so you should be able to figure out who the crew were at that location at that time. Once you have done this then you can proceed with a claim as per normal.

However, all is not lost if you cannot persuade the ambulance service to deal with the claim. You could submit a claim to the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB). That body compensates certain classes of accident victims, in this case a victim of a negligent untraced driver or “hit and run” driver under its Untraced Drivers Agreement.

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