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Hit & Run Accidents

In cases where the person responsible for an accident drives off or cannot be traced then it is still possible to claim compensation. Obviously in such cases we do not know who the person responsible is and therefore cannot obtain their insurance details to make a claim against the insurer. However, an organization called the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) exists to compensate victims of negligent untraced drivers (and uninsured drivers). MIB claims are subject to different rules and timescales to standard personal injury road traffic accident claims and expert advice is essential to avoid falling foul of pitfalls.

Bikelawyer specializes in MIB untraced driver claims and appeals, dealing with more than two dozen such claims at any time. Previous successful untraced driver claims handled by Bikelawyer include:

 - £1.025 million for the widow of a biker fatally injured due to the negligence of an untraced driver who swerved in to the motorcyclist's lane causing him to come off his bike - the driver fled the scene

-  the first ever successful fatal accident claim submitted to the MIB as a result of a diesel spill

-  an arm amputation and serious head injury claim as a result of a diesel spill

-  severe leg fractures caused by a car driver (hit and run) pulling into the path of an overtaking motorcycle causing it to swerve and lose control

Types of claim that can be made to the MIB under the Untraced Drivers Agreement

 -  Hit and run accident (victim can be a motorist, cyclist or pedestrian)
 -  Diesel spill
 -  Oil spill 
 -  Shed load (for example vegetable oil, sugar)
 -  Vehicle parts in road causing a collision (e.g. bumper or other previous accident residue)
 -  Dazzling by full beam headlights

The MIB frequently rejects valid claims at first instance leading to the requirement to appeal to an Arbitrator (one of 5 QCs) who will provide a Preliminary Decision on paper. There is then a further right to Appeal (oral hearing). Andrew Campbell handled the first ever oral hearing. Solid MIB expertise is required in these claims.

Diesel Spill Accidents
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