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Diesel spill accidents

Bikelawyer is the UK's leading diesel spill accident law firm. We act on a no-win, no-fee basis. We have unparalleled experience in diesel accident claims.

If you have had a motorcycle accident on a diesel spill then you are entitled to seek compensation for your injuries and financial losses.

Motorcyclists injured as a result of losing control on diesel spills or oil spills can claim compensation if it can be shown that on the balance of probabilities (more than 50%) that the negligence of an untraced road user led to the diesel spill or oil spill being on the road.

That negligence is usually either through a deliberate act such as overfilling (necking) a fuel tank with diesel or by failing to properly secure the fuel tank leading to the diesel spill on the road.

We are the most experienced solicitors in the UK in dealing with diesel spill accident claims.

We fight the MIB (the compensating body) to win these cases, taking them to appeal or hearings if need be. We take over many cases where other firms have failed to obtain compensation for diesel spill accident victims.

Bikelawyer's senior Solicitor, Andrew Campbell, pioneered claiming compensation for diesel spill accidents, starting with a test case back in 2003 in which his client's claim successfully settled for over £1million including costs.

Bikelawyer has successfully concluded many dozens of diesel spill accident claims and has successfully appealed the compensating body when it refuses to compensate victims on numerous occasions.

Andrew Campbell successfully dealt with the first ever fatal motorcycle accident case due to a diesel spill. The case appeared in The Times newspaper.

Bikelawyer has assisted and campaigned for KillSpills, a body set up to change the law to rid the roads of diesel spills and reduce diesel spill accidents. Andrew Campbell has lobbied government on the subject attending 10 Downing Street to discuss the danger of diesel spills on our roads.

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Diesel Spill Accidents
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