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Title: £105,000 for injured biker - 28 March 2013

Amount: £105,000

Bikelawyer were instructed in a motorcycle accident claim after Mrs L was in involved in an accident where a careless driver opened a car door into her path as she was filtering.  With no time to avoid this obstacle, Mrs L collided with the door and was thrown from the bike. 

As a result of the collision the Mrs L suffered fractures to her neck and lumbar spine as well as a broken pelvis.  Mrs L also suffered a fracture to her left shoulder, left hand and sustained a number of lacerations.

Bikelawyer arranged for private rehabilitation and Mrs L made a fantastic recovery in the circumstances returning to a busy job in the NHS.

Despite this, Mrs L continues to suffer from on-going pain in her neck and back and it is anticipated that these symptoms will likely continue and the injury to her hand means that despite being an accomplished pianist and clarinettist she is now unable to play those instruments with any precision.

Liability was admitted by the Defendant however the amount of compensation was hotly disputed as there was a substantial claim for the increased cost of driving a car instead of riding her bike and for assistance in the future with very heavy tasks.

In order to ease the financial pressure while negotiations were on-going Bikelawyer obtained a number of interim payments throughout the claim before finally obtaining an out of court settlement of £105,000.

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