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Title: £275,000 compensation for injured biker

Amount: Mr F -v- Mrs Mills


Bikelawyer was instructed to take over Mr F’s claim as he was not pleased with his insurer appointed solicitors. He had a motorcycle accident on 10 August 2007. He sustained very serious injuries.
He suffered a fractured right femur (thigh bone) and left wrist and soft tissue injuries to the left lower limb. Non-union of the thigh bone has been a problem since the accident with multiple operations although recently progress has been made. Mr F also suffered moderate depression as a result of the accident.
Prior to the accident Mr F enjoyed playing squash once a week and cycling once or twice a week. He motorcycled for pleasure once or twice a week and jogged most mornings. As a result of the accident his sporting life has completely disappeared and he has had to buy in help to assist with the most basic of tasks such as dog walking, ironing, gardening and cleaning.
Mr F was a self-employed carpenter and joiner but as a result of the accident he is unlikely to return to that work but is likely to teach the skills to others.
Just a few months after taking over Mr F’s claim, Bikelawyer persuaded the Defendant to settle the claim at £275,000, a tax free sum.
Mr F said “I would just like to say a huge thank you for all your efforts regarding my case and its conclusion. You really have made a massive difference to the speed of progress of the claim, not only in securing an interim payment, but your exceptional service and professionalism. I also feel that the Defendant’s settlement offer was down to your no nonsense approach. My only regret is that I did not transfer the claim to you earlier. Anyone with an injury claim should make you their first port of call.”
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