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Title: £343,000 settlement - Mr James Parry -v- Ms Lois Richardson

Amount: £343,000 Damages for Broken Leg

Mr Parry was riding his motorcycle in Oxfordshire in January 2006 and as he passed the entrance to the Cotswold Wildlife Park the Defendant turned her car across his path. Mr Parry's leg was severely and multiply fractured. He went through nearly 3 years of surgery and fortunately he was able to keep his leg. However, his future employment prospects were limited by physical restrictions. His previous solicitors encoraged Mr Parry to accept an offer of £175,000. Mr Parry correctly considered this to be low and he contacted Andrew Campbell who took over conduct of the claim. 13 months later and following a meeting with the Defendant's solicitor, barrister and insurance company a settlement of nearly double the previous offer (£343,000) was agreed by Mr Parry. This case highlights the importance of appointing a solicitor with specialist expertise. The risk of not doing so is significantly reduced damages.

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