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Title: Injured motorcyclist successfully claims after being hit in a designated cycle lane - October 2013

Amount: £11,000 on full liability - October 2013

Bikelawyer has successfully claimed for an injured motorcyclist when he was hit by a car whilst travelling in a cycle lane. The Claimant’s former solicitors dropped the case as they said he did not have sufficient prospects of succeeding – clearly we disagreed.

Mr W had been riding his motorcycle and approached a set of red traffic lights. He was positioned in the leftmost lane which was a narrow lane designated for cycle lanes. As he approached the traffic light it turned green. The Defendant, who was stationary at the traffic light in a straight on or left turn designated lane, immediately pulled away as the traffic light turned green and attempted to turn left. The Defendant had a cycle attached to his car which obscured his indicator light. As he turned left he drove across the path of Mr W and caused the accident.
Cycle lanes can be mandatory or advisory and are intended for the exclusive use of pedal cycles. Whereas mandatory lanes are regulated by traffic orders, which define their operating times and prohibit other classes of vehicle from entering them during those times, no such regulatory arrangements apply to advisory cycle lanes. As this cycle lane has intermittent white lines defining its boundaries and given the absence of upright regulatory signs, Bikelawyer were successful in establishing and proving that it was an advisory cycle lane. As such, Mr W was well within his right to use the cycle lane during the time of the accident. Further, it is against the law to obscure any indicator or mandatory light on a car.
Liability was denied in full. Bikelawyer pushed the claim to court and were preparing to go to trial. 4 weeks before the trial date the Defendant’s solicitors made a monetary and liability offer to settle Mr W’s claim. Mr W was happy to accept the offer and put his claim to rest. Bikelawyer were prepared to fight the offer made on liability at court. The monetary offer, however, was an acceptable figure to settle the claim, even after the liability split.
Bikelawyer specialise in dealing with motorcycle claims and are experts in the law relating to road use by motorcyclists. We knew that Mr W was well within his right to ride in this specific cycle lane and was entitled to claim for the injuries, damage and loss the Defendant caused him. If needed, Bikelawyer were prepared to argue this point at court.

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