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Title: £77,000 Diesel Spill Motorcycle Accident Compensation Claim

Amount: £77,000

On 31 October 2008. Miss Smith, a school teacher, was riding her scooter in Hemel Hempstead when she suddenly lost control of her scooter on a large diesel spill on a roundabout. She instructed Bikelawyer to act for her in her compensation claim to the MIB, a government body which compensates for accidents caused by diesel spills. 

Miss Smith lost control of her vehicle on the slippery diesel and fell to the ground fracturing her humerus (upper arm) bone in 4 places. Her arm remains permanently disabled and, for example, she cannot carry shopping so relies on home deliveries from supermarkets. As a result of the diesel spill accident she will require domestic assistance into the future. She also can no longer ride a motorcycle so claimed for the cost of driving lessons, a car and the increased costs of running the car when compared to her scooter.

Following lengthy negotiations with the MIB and with question marks over the degree of recovery that could be expected were she to undergo a manipulation under anaesthetic (which she was reluctant to do) a settlement was reached in the sum of £77,000 broken down approximately into £30,000 for pain, suffering and loss of amenity, and £47,000 for past and future financial losses.

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