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Title: Compensation from MIB for diesel spill accident

Amount: Significant 5-figure sum


Mr S was travelling on his motorbike in good riding conditions and well within the speed limit. Suddenly, he hit a large diesel spill on the road. He lost control of his bike and crashed into a wall.
Mr S was taken to hospital by air ambulance. His injuries included broken vertebrae in his neck, a chipped bone in his right wrist and a rotator cuff injury to his left shoulder. In addition to this the collision left Mr S with tinnitus.
These injuries left Mr S unable continue working as a self-employed window cleaner for a period of 16 weeks. He lost some of his clients during this recovery period. He was also forced to limit his hours on his return to work because of his injuries.
In the three years following the accident, Mr S lost over £20,000 income, compared to his pre-accident earnings.
Thanks to our expert legal advice, Mr S received a significant five figure compensation payment. This compensated him for his past and future loss of earnings, as well as for the medical, travel and care costs resulting from the accident. This case illustrates the importance of selecting a specialist lawyer who will ensure you get the full compensation to which you are entitled.
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