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Title: Clinical Negligence Claim for Biker



Clinical Negligence Claim for Biker
Mr D M –v- Heatherwood & Wexham Park Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Andrew Campbell acted in Mr M’s successful motorcycle accident claim in which he was awarded £557,000 compensation. As a result of the accident Mr M required a below knee amputation. 2 years later Mr M required stump revision surgery (to reduce the length of the residual bone). He attended the Defendant’s hospital for this purpose. Following the surgery he woke up in excruciating pain. The hospital staff had allowed his epidural (anaesthetic) to run out. Mr M was in pain which he described as 10/10 and which lasted for nearly 1 ½ hours. He was then left to lie in his own urine for 4 hours before being released prematurely. That resulted in him attending A&E the night of discharge before being readmitted to hospital for a further week. The Defendant Trust has agreed to settle the claim in the sum of £3,000 which considering the short period of pain and suffering (albeit it was excruciating pain) was an excellent settlement.
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