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Title: BikeLawyer smashes previous firm’s claim valuation by £125,000

Amount: £165,000 for injured biker

Mr P was riding his motorcycle to work and was riding on a major road on approach to a T-Junction (the minor road). As Mr P approached the T-Junction a car pulled out in to his path. Mr P was unable to avoid the car and came in to collision with the front bonnet and wing of the car and sustained a compound fracture to the medial malleolus and tibial plafond of his left ankle and a subsequent pulmonary embolism. He reported the incident to his insurance company who sold his claim to a panel solicitor. The panel solicitor obtained medical evidence but liability was denied. A valuation of £40,000.00 was placed on the claim.

Mr P was not happy with the medical evidence or the advice that he was provided in respect of the valuation of his claim and he contacted BikeLawyer Motorcycle Accident Solicitors. Within a week of taking over the claim we obtained a full admission of liability and within 10 days posted an interim payment of £5,000.00 to Mr P.

Further, it was clear that the medical expert had not identified that Mr P had at least 5 splinters of bone within the ankle which required surgery (which had been identified by a CT scan) and so we obtained a further medical report from a leading orthopaedic expert with a specialism in foot and ankle injuries.

Within 6 months of taking over the claim, the case successfully settled for £165,000.00.

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