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Title: Bikelawyer gets 100% liability after panel firm only manages 50%


Alix Lewer –v- Mrs Heather Lucas

The Claimant was the driver of a Suzuki SV 650 motorcycle and the Defendant was the driver of a car. On 1 September 2008 the parties were involved in a road traffic accident on West Street, Dorking, Surrey.
The Claimant was driving along West Street filtering past a queue of stationery/very slow moving traffic at approximately 15mph when all of a sudden and without indication or looking to see that the path was clear, the Defendant attempted to perform a U-turn, causing the Claimant to emergency brake and lose control of her vehicle which dropped to the ground causing her whiplash, hip and lower limb injuries.   
The Claimant, who was insured through Carole Nash, was referred to their panel firm of solicitors. The panel firm tried to persuade Mrs Lewer to accept a 50% reduction to the value of her claim on the basis of contributory negligence (that is they wanted her to accept the accident was 50% her fault). Mrs Lewer was not happy with the firm of solicitors assigned to her case and she transferred her case to Andrew Campbell.
Andrew Campbell of Bikelawyer commenced court proceedings against the Defendant and achieved a 100% liability decision in favour of Mrs Lewer.
Alix Lewer said “I am so pleased that I was able to transfer the case to a skilled, conscientious and knowledgeable lawyer with my best interests at heart. I did not feel that the panel solicitors allocated to me by Carole Nash met those criteria, by any stretch of the imagination.”
Andrew Campbell added “This case highlights the importance of getting representation and advice from a specialist. Had Alix’s previous lawyers had their way, she would have ended up with half the compensation she was due. Claimants should not be afraid to exercise their right to appoint their own lawyer, a practice the insurers and their panel firms try to block due to the financial interests between them, with panel firms paying huge referral fees to insurers to capture the claims of their insured”.
Andrew added “Switching solicitors is not only free but clearly it can result in vastly different outcomes for clients”.
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