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Title: Bikelawyer doubles previous firm's estimate



Robert Lowe –v- WW Hunter & Sons Ltd
The Claimant, Mr Lowe, had a motorcycle accident on 18 April 2009. Mr Lowe was riding hisSuzuki GSXR 1000 behind the Defendant’s employee who was driving a tractor which was pulling a trailer. Mr Lowe decided to overtake the tractor on a straight section of road (within the speed limit) and suddenly whilst he was alongside the tractor/trailer it turned right across his path with a view to turning into a farm entrance. It transpired that the Defendant had failed to connect electrical wires to the trailer that the tractor was towing (he admitted it was out of laziness). Mr Lowe could not have known his intended manoeuvre. Mr Lowe sustained a head injury, right elbow injury, left knee injury, left ankle injury and a chest injury.
Mr Lowe’s claim was initially being handled by E-bike and their lawyers who Mr Lowe states he was not happy with. He switched instructions to another firm but Mr Lowe was not happy with their advice either. The best liability offer the second firm obtained from the Defendant was 66% and they advised him that he should expect around £8,000 damages. Mr Lowe found the Defendant’s insurer, the NFU, to be slow and unreasonable and wanted something done about it.
Mr Lowe then transferred his file to Bikelawyer. We served court proceedings on the Defendant in December 2009. Mr Lowe has now achieved 100% liability in his favour with a settlement of just shy of £15,000, nearly double the previous firm’s estimate. The issue of liability was an important one and clearly he succeeded in bettering the offer by persisting.
Mr Lowe’s lawyer, Andrew Campbell, said “this case highlights the importance of getting the right lawyer from the outset. I congratulate Rob in believing in himself and on persisting with his claim.”
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