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Title: 800% increase to compensation for client who switched to Bikelawyer - 28 January 2013

Amount: £78,000

Mr S was involved in a motorcycle accident on 12 January 2011 and his case was bought by ML solicitors who had purchased the case via a referral agreement with an insurance company. 

Liability was straightforward as the third party had turned right, across the path of Mr S.  Liability was admitted in full by the third party’s insurance company.

Mr S sustained a fracture to his foot which made a pre-existing congenital birth defect symptomatic.

The previous firm, ML, submitted the claim through the low value personal injury portal which is used for cases with a maximum value of £10,000.00. 

Just over a year post-accident on 18 January 2012, Mr S asked Bikelawyer to take over the conduct of his claim as he was by then facing imminent repossession of his house having been unable to work since the accident. We agreed to act on a no-win, no-fee basis.

Notwithstanding that ML had obtained medical evidence and liability had been admitted in full no interim payments had been secured by his former solicitors despite Mr S’s obvious financial hardship.  Within 3 weeks of switching to Bikelawyer we had secured an interim payment of £10,000.00 for Mr S.

Bikelawyer continued to obtain periodic interim payments to ensure that the threat of repossession did not arise again and successfully made out claims for general damages, loss of use, medication costs, increased heating costs whilst Mr S recovered, replacement motorcycle equipment, past and future care and assistance, loss of earnings, travelling expenses, and private orthotics. 

An agreement was reached in January 2013, 1 year after Mr S contacted Bikelawyer, to settle his claim for £78,000 - 800% higher than the maximum claim value assessed by ML solicitors.

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