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Title: £675,000 compensation for injured biker

Amount: £675,000 for injured biker - 9 May 2011


Mr C, from Nottinghamshire, was 41 years old at the date of accident and 46 at the date of settlement. He was turning right onto a main road via a roundabout when a lorry suddenly pulled into the roundabout from his left and ran into his motorcycle. Mr C’s leg was crushed on impact before he was subsequently thrown from the bike.
The Defendant admitted liability with no allegation of contributory negligence on the part of Mr C.
Mr C sustained a fracture to his left shoulder, a shattered fracture of his left tibia, extensive soft tissue injury to his left lower leg and a depressive disorder. As a result of skin grafts which were required Mr C also suffered from recurrent bouts of cellulitis which proved resistant to antibiotics.
As a result of the accident Mr C required multiple operations. His shoulder fracture had united with a full recovery within about a year or so, however, the fracture to the Claimant’s did not unite for years.
Mr C eventually recovered to a point that he was able to walk cautiously with the aid of a stick however he was advised by his medical team that he would continue to experience a poor quality of life.   He was medically retired and was advised that he is unlikely to be able to work in the future and will remain compromised in relation to all physical pursuits.
Given the poor recovery and on-going bouts of cellulitis, in an attempt to increase his quality of life, Mr C was given the option to undergo an amputation of his damaged limb however following 5 years of rehabilitation Mr C did not wish to undergo this procedure.
Up to this point in Mr C’s recovery Bikelawyer had obtained £60,000 for him by way of interim payments.
Following Mr C’s decision not to undergo the amputation Bikelawyer served evidence on the Defendant’s representatives including reports by an orthopaedic surgeon, a psychologist, a plastic surgeon, an infectious disease specialist, a care costs expert and an employment expert.
Having served this evidence a mediation meeting was arranged at which Bikelawyer managed to obtain a £675,000 settlement for Mr C.
Bikelawyer took over conduct of this case from a firm of solicitors instructed by Mr C’s bike insurer, as he was not happy with the service that they provided him with. On winning his case Mr C said:
“Once again thank you for all your hard work and expertise, this clearly showed with the final result. We are positive that we wouldn't have had this out come with the original firm of solicitors. Please pass on our thanks to all of your team and continue to do a splendid job of representing the motorcyclists of this country. I hope that I and no one I know require such services again, but if anyone does I shall not hesitate in recommending you.”
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