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Title: £650,000 compensation



Antony Williams, 33, of Cricklade, Swindon, has settled his motorcycle accident compensation
claim for £650,000.
He was riding his bike, on his way to work, along Common Hill, Cricklade when Mr Wayne Giles
driving a tipper van in the course of his employment with local firm Black Horse Contractors
Ltd, pulled across his path causing a head on collision between Mr Williams’ bike and an
oncoming Vauxhall Astra being drive by Mr Charles Bowring. Mr Bowring was not at fault.
Mr Giles was later prosecuted for driving without due care and attention.
Mr Williams, an IT Consultant who was 29 when the accident happened on 10 July 2006,
sustained multiple fractures to his pelvis with associated nerve damage, a fractured back, a
fractured right wrist, multiple soft tissue injuries and a minor brain injury. Mr Williams
underwent multiple operations and is left with permanent disability and is only capable of part-
time work. He will require further surgery in the future.
Mr Williams’ solicitor, Andrew Campbell, who heads niche motorcycle accident law firm,
Bikelawyer, has acted for Mr Williams since week one. He said “The accident was a devastating
and life changing event for Antony and his family. Antony has shown real courage and
determination in picking up the pieces of his life and getting on with it as best he can and I wish him all
the best for the future".  


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