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Title: £50,000 compensation for Severn Bridge bike accident - 30 June 2014

Amount: £50,000

Mr W approached Bikelawyer following a road traffic accident on 11 May 2011 in which he sustained injury.

The circumstances of the accident were that Mr W was positioned at the last manned toll booth on the right hand side of the second Severn Bridge crossing, Wales bound. Mr W had filtered on the left past a queue of cars and had taken up position alongside the gap between the first and second cars. As the first car passed the barrier Mr W pulled forward, keeping well to the left and stopped, putting his right foot down to steady the bike. He waited for the operator to either let him or the next car through. The practice is to wait for the signal from the operator to proceed. This is often after a number of cars have passed. It is at the operator’s discretion.

The second car came forward sharply and also moved to his left, whereupon he ran over Mr W’s right foot and ankle with his front near side wheel. Mr W pushed the bike backwards so he was level with the passenger window and lent down to speak. The passenger’s window was lowered and Mr W told the driver that he had run over his foot. The driver made a sarcastic comment and laughed and as the barrier was raised he sped off, running over Mr W’s foot a second time, with his rear near side wheel. The toll booth operator then raised the barrier for Mr W and waved him through, gesticulating after the car confirming that he had witnessed the accident.

Bikelawyer traced the appropriate insurer despite the third party having fled the scene without exchanging details. Initially the third party denied any involvement in the accident and then ignored his insurer’s attempts to make contact. A liability split of 75/25 in Mr W’s favour was made by the third party insurer and Bikelawyer advised Mr W to reject it. Liability was later admitted in full. Court proceedings were commenced as a result of limitation approaching.

Mr W sustained a crush injury to his foot and ankle, and a worsening of his pre-existing depression.

An offer in the sum of £15,000 was made by the third party insurer and Bikelawyer advised Mr W to reject it. A further offer was made by the Defendant’s solicitor in the sum of £50,000 and the offer was accepted.

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