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Title: 5-figure compensation settlement for fatal motorcycle accident in Wales

Amount: 5-figure settlement

5 figure compensation for fatal accident in Powys, Wales

Mrs X (Administratrix of the Estate of Mr Y)

Bikelawyer was instructed to act for the mother of the estate of Mr Y who died aged 22 on 15 August 2010 in a claim for compensation following a motorcycle accident on the A44 in Powys, Wales.

Mr Y was the driver of a Suzuki motorcycle and the Defendant was the driver of a Honda motorcycle.

Mr Y and the Defendant were riding their motorcycles as part of a group of 4 riders along the A44 Cross Gates to Forrest Inn, Powys, Wales. The Defendant was riding ahead of Mr Y. The Defendant lost control of his motorcycle on a bend in the road. Mr Y was out of sight of the accident and as such had no knowledge of the Defendant’s loss of control until when he travelled around the bend he was suddenly confronted with the aftermath of the Defendant’s accident. Mr Y had no opportunity to avoid losing control of his own motorcycle. Mr Y tragically suffered massive injuries from which he died.

Bikelawyer alleged that the accident was caused by the negligence of the Defendant although the Defendant and other witnesses to the accident denied this blaming Mr Y for his loss of control that they said would have happened irrespective of the Defendant’s loss of control.

The Claimant, Mr Y’s mother was the only Dependant. She was 43 at the date of the accident. Mr Y made regular contributions to the household which Mrs Y used to help pay the mortgage. The Claimant claimed for these lost contributions, the bike, the damage to Mr Y’s kit, funeral expenses, flowers, travel to the grave and a headstone.

Bike Lawyer represented Mrs X at the Coroner’s Inquest and subsequently commenced Court proceedings and following lengthy negotiations an out of court 5-figure settlement was reached without a formal admission of liability.

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