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Title: £427,000 for moderate brain injury and multiple fractures

Amount: £427,000 compensation


In June 2008, Mr B a 44 year old male, was riding his bike when the Defendant failed to give way at a junction resulting in a collision. Mr B’s leg was crushed between the car and bike before he was propelled over the top of the Defendant’s car. The Mr B was in a coma for 48hrs and he sustained mild brain damage.
Mr B fractured his fibula and tibia and he lost 2 inches of bone. He was left with a large hole in his leg for which plastic surgery was required. His femur suffered multiple fractures and he also suffered a fracture to his left arm. Mr B also broke his jaw and lost his front teeth. Multiple operations were required as a result of his injuries.
Liability was initially disputed however after a pleading guilty to criminal charges a result if the accident, liability was admitted in full.
Mr B was initially referred to a panel firm of solicitors via Mr B’s insurance company. 
In a somewhat unusual turn of events, the Defendant’s insurer brought it to the attention of Mr B’s Case Manager that they did not think that the panel solicitors were providing Mr B with as much assistance as they should have been. As a result of this the Mr B instructed Bikelawyer to assume conduct of the claim on a no-win, no-fee basis.
Bikelawyer were able to secure additional interim payments and after obtaining further medical
evidence in respect of both Mr B’s orthopaedic and brain injuries were able to secure a settlement of £427,000.
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