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Title: £272,000 compensation for pillion accident - 18 June 2013

Amount: £272,000

A former client of Bikelawyer recently made a recommendation to Miss G, that she contact us to request that we represent her following a very serious road traffic accident in which she had been involved.

Miss G was a pillion passenger on a motorcycle when a third party drove across the path of her vehicle. A collision followed and Miss G suffered horrific injuries including an unstable fracture of the 8th thoracic vertebrae; 10 fractured ribs; a fractured right scapular; a brachial plexus injury to the right arm; a psychiatric injury; post traumatic amnesia; a blood clot and bleeding on her brain; lacerations and extensive scarring; soft tissue injuries; blurred vision; and 3 fractures to the left hand. Miss G was taken to hospital immediately following the accident where she stopped breathing and had to be resuscitated and defibrillated. Miss G was placed in to a drug induced coma for a period of two weeks. As a result of the accident Miss G was left with limited use of her right arm having severed nerve endings from her spine, and had an unstable vertebrae fracture which required a back brace.

The third party was charged with and pleaded guilty to the offence of driving without due care and attention.

The third party’s insurer invited Bikelawyer to attend a settlement meeting at which they made an offer to settle the whole of Miss G’s claim. Miss G had not made a full recovery from her injuries and the medical evidence was not finalised. There was therefore a risk that the settlement figure proposed would overcompensate Miss G if she made a full recovery but would under compensate her if her recovery was more complicated. We met with counsel and Miss G to consider the risks of the settlement offer. At the meeting it was agreed that the claim could only be settled prior to the medical evidence being finalised if we could negotiate an increased offer to abrogate the risk of under settlement.

Further negotiations were undertaken and as a result of which a settlement of Miss G’s claim was agreed in the sum of £272,000.00.

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