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Title: £270,000 compensation for biker - 20 May 2014

Amount: £270,000

Bikelawyer acted for Mr P who was involved in a motorcycle accident.

Mr P had been riding his motorcycle at approximately 50 mph in the outside lane of a dual carriageway. Ahead of him a silver car, also in the outside lane, pulled violently in to the path of a second red car which was established in the inside lane and applied its brakes heavily. The red car swerved from the inside lane in to the outside lane but by which time Mr P was adjacent to the red car and so the car driver collided with Mr P’s motorcycle.

Whilst the silver car stopped immediately following the accident it subsequently left the scene before any details of the vehicle could be taken.

Mr P was catapulted in to the air sustaining horrific injuries including a fracture to the right wrist, a fracture of the right femur, a fracture to lower spine, left knee cartilage damage, a fractured Pelvis, and a deep vein thrombosis.

Mr P required significant rehabilitation and follow up surgery. Metal work was inserted into Mr P’s wrist, knee and pelvis and he was left housebound and requiring a wheel chair for the first few months following the accident and he also developed significant psychological injuries and a deep vein thrombosis.

The driver of the red car argued that the accident had been caused by the silver car driver’s erratic manoeuvre.

Bikelawyer agreed to represent Mr P on a no win, no fee basis and successfully challenged the third party’s position on the basis that the driver of the red car had not or had not adequately checked his mirrors prior to changing lanes, or given any indication to Mr P that he intended to do so, notwithstanding that by that time it would have been too late for Mr P to take any action to avoid a collision.

The third party’s solicitor subsequently conceded liability in full and agreed to fund a course of rehabilitation to aid Mr P’s recovery.

Prior to the accident Mr P had recently qualified as a motor mechanic. He was unable to return to this job following the accident although it was considered likely that a return to work would be possible in the future. Mr P also required significant on-going treatment for both his physical and psychological injuries, and on-going care and assistance with tasks around the home.

The case was settled for £270,000.00 and included provision for future loss of earnings and the cost of future private treatment and surgery.

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