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Title: 2000% increase in compensation (£200,000) for client who changed solicitors to BikeLawyer – March 2013

Amount: £200,000.00

BikeLawyer has once again been successful in settling a client’s claim for a substantially higher amount than the client’s previous firm of solicitors thought possible.

Mr C was involved in an accident in 2009 when he was riding his bike and the Defendant, driving a car, pulled out of a side road and collided with Mr C.  Liability was admitted early on in Mr C’s claim.

As a result of the accident Mr C sustained multiple soft tissue injuries.  He also had severe pain in his right hand.  Mr C continued to have pain in his right hand for months after the accident but this went undiagnosed.

Mr C first instructed X Law to deal with his claim.  X Law initially sent Mr C to visit an Orthopaedic Surgeon to comment on his injuries.  Following this an offer was made by the Defendant insurance company for £10,000 and X Law advised Mr C to accept it.  Mr C did not want to accept the offer given the injury to his hand was undiagnosed and continued to cause him very significant pain and problems.   Indeed it prevented him from pursuing his new employment venture of becoming a tree surgeon.

Mr C pleaded with X Law to obtain expert evidence to comment on the constant pain in his right hand and they eventually gave into Mr C’s request but made sure that Mr C would be responsible for paying the new experts’ fees.

Mr C obviously lost confidence in X Law and transferred his accident claim to BikeLawyer.  On receipt of Mr C’s medical notes and evidence it was clear that this was an unfortunate case of Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS).  CRPS is a condition that causes the patient to suffer with constant pain but the origins are sometimes unknown.  It is therefore important to instruct solicitors who are familiar with these injuries and experts in dealing with serious injuries, such as BikeLawyer.

A few short weeks after receiving the file BikeLawyer were successful in agreeing an interim payment with the Defendant’s representatives for the client in the sum of £10,000, a sum equal to the amount X Law first advised the client to accept. It is noteworthy that throughout the 3.5 years the claim had been on going X Law had not obtained an interim payment for Mr C.

BikeLawyer continued to set out the claim to the Defendant based on the evidence as it stood and were successful in settling the claim for £200,000 – a 2000% increase above the initial figure of £10,000 that X Law advised the client to accept.

Andrew Campbell, the Senior Solicitor at BikeLawyer with conduct of the claim (with assistance from Hywel Evans) said, ‘This claim really proves the value of instructing expert solicitors who understand and are experienced in dealing with serious injury cases.  Unfortunately not all solicitors do or are, so it is best to instruct or transfer your file to expert solicitors as soon as possible.  Otherwise clients run the risk of losing out on compensation and not receiving the service or treatment they need."

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